La Esperanza - Pink Bourbon

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Family: James Meléndez

Altitude: 1950

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Fermentation Time: 20 hours

Process: Washed 

With over half a century of coffee cultivation experience, we are excited to bring to you another high quality crop from the skilled hands of James Meléndez and family. James has dedicated his life's work to the coffee plant, gaining him an understanding of coffee farming like no other.
Along with technical support from Cooperative Coomerciacafe, James has been able to breach the boundaries of what is possible in coffee growth and processing science and is regarded to be always at the forefront of innovation and advancement.

He is particularly known for the wide varieties of coffee he is able to produce from common varieties such as Castillo and Colombia to the more exciting and exotic Geisha and Pink Bourbon varietals. 

His greatest secret has been his Organic philosophy. He has always believed that modern technology is important but equally, to work in a sustainable manner respecting the surrounding environment is paramount to ensuring longevity of production. This is why James and his family are so invested in maintaining the health of the ground and the ecosystem around them using native trees and crops which help to control pests, this has enabled James to be well on the way to complete eradication of toxic pesticides.

La Esperanza-Pink Bourbon, is as sweet as coffee comes that pairs a deliciously tart acidity reminiscent of a red grape with a delicate vanilla finish, expect to get to the end of a cup left wanting more


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