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We have now sold out of  Saulo Luna’s Honey Processed Coffee La Lomita.

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Farm information

This is the first year that we have had the pleasure to work with Coffee farmer Saulo Luna. He bought his farm La Lomita, in 2017. After many years of working on coffee farms in the well-known regions of Tolima and El Valle, he decided to settle down in Nariño, in the South West of Colombia.

Saulo is focusing on special processes at farm level. This year we were very fortunate to buy his whole Micro-lot crop of his Honey Processed coffee.

To produce the Honey Coffee, Saulo de-pulped his fresh coffee cherries, and left them to dry on drying tables, without washing the beans. During the process of producing Honey Coffee, the golden, sticky mucilage remains on the beans, this natural product looks very similar to honey hence where the name honey process was derived from.

La Lomita coffee is a yellow honey processed coffee. During the honey process, as the coffee drys the sticky coating on the beans oxidizes and becomes darker in color. The first color is yellow, this is the point at which Saulo stopped drying his coffee. If he had allowed his coffee to continue to ferment the mucilage would have further oxidized to a red and onto a black color. We are excited to be working with Saulo and La Lomita farm, and are delighted with the clean tasting notes of this year’s coffee of Floral, Berries, Hazelnut and Cocoa.

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Espresso, Ground for filter, Ground for French Press, Whole Bean


250g, 1kg

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