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Family: Martínez Badoz’s
Altitude: 1800 masl
Variety: Castillo - Colombia
Fermentation Time: 50 hours
Process: Washed
SCAA Cupping Score: 85

Farm Information

The Martínez Badoz’s family are generational 1979, when the farm was given to Rosalba Bados alongside her husband Hernando Martínez as part of a family inheritance. They breathed life back into the overgrown and unkept farmland.

The couple started with planting a total of 7000 coffee trees, and for the following 30 years continued to cultivate the Caturra variety. As time passed on, their son Hernán has taken over the running of the farm, and in the past 10 years they have rejuvenated their crop and introduced the Castillo variety. 

Whilst numerous blind tastings have been carried out between the two varieties, there has never been a question of quality difference. However, the Castillo variety is more resistant to diseases such as leaf rust, is more resistant to pests and produces a higher yield which has allowed the family more security in their farming.

We are excited to share this beautiful lot from the El Cerro farm, with notes of mandarin orange, sweet caramel, and red grape, with a citrus finish.. Expect a bright juicy coffee with a satisfying brown sugar sweetness. It has undergone an extended fermentation time in tanks giving the coffee a clean and bright finish in the cup.

This coffee has achieved a SCAA score of 85.

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