El Cerro - Honey

El Cerro - Honey

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ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Nariño


VARIETAL: Castillo, Colombia


Tasting Notes: Melon, Sweet Peach, Honey

Located close to la Castilla in la Unión Nariño, Hernȧn has been working on his coffee farm, el Cerro, for the last 16 year. Hernȧn has been recognised as a pioneer in the production of Honey Processed coffee, a technique that involves part of the mucilage being left on the coffee bean as it is left to dry on raised beds in the sun. The time the drying process takes depends on the variety of coffee and the type of honey processing to be undertaken; yellow, red or black.

Honey processed coffee is far more dependant on consistent weather conditions and agitation of the green coffee as it drys, therefore Hernans ability to not only continue to provide an exceptional coffee but to continue to increase his production capacity means that in his region he is renowned for being a maestro of coffee production.

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