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Family: Reyes Lopez
Altitude: 1880 masl
Variety: Colombia, Castillo
Fermentation Time: 96 Hours
Process: Natural
SCAA Cupping Score: 86

Farm Information

The El Derrumbo farm is owned by Mrs Esperanza Reyes, alongside her husband Carloz Lopez and their two daughters. From an early age, Esperanza never enjoyed the idea of a busy city style life and instead opted for the slower pace of life the countryside has to offer. With a strong business mind, Esperanza quickly recognised the opportunity to become a coffee farmer, and she fully dedicated her working life to the discipline.

Combining a one hectare inheritance farm, alongside a separately purchased one hectare piece of land, Esperanza planted the castillo and colombia varietal - two of the most commonly found varietals in the region. The coffee plants grow under the shade of banana, guamos, orange, and avocado trees which also help in keeping the soil healthy. 

A firm supporter of local community ties, the farms are located only 15 minutes from the main town, and are surrounded by properties of friends and family, allowing for a healthy balance of work and life.

Esperanza’s casual, yet detail oriented way of farming has produced this year's wonderful lot and we are excited to offer this with notes of ripe red red cherry, sweet caramel, and silky white chocolate. Expect flavours of  soft stone fruits, a sweet lime acidity with a juicy body and mature sweetness.

This coffee has undergone a natural process where the cherry is dried with the green bean resulting in richness similar to a red wine, and offers an increased complexity.

This coffee has achieved a SCAA score of 86

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