El Mario

El Mario

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Family: Paola Legarda

Altitude: 1800

Farm Size: Half Hectare

Variety: Colombia

Fermentation Time: 100 hours

Process: Washed

El Mario is a small halfhectare farm that belongs to Paola Legarda and her husband Wilson. They are a young couple and are part of the third generation in their families dedicated to growing coffee.
They learned about this crop from a very young age from their parents and grandparents and have a keen interest in how coffee is enhanced by the diverse ecosystem it is grown in. 
On their farm they have planted the Colombia variety and their process consists of collecting and storing everything on a daily basis, which they store in a wooden hopper for the weekend to carry out the wet process of pulping and fermenting.
With this washed coffee you can expect, apricot and red fruits on the nose. Make way for a cup that possesses an incredibly mouthwatering acidity and profound, honeycomb sugar-like sweetness.

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