El Naranjo

El Naranjo

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Rudy Samuido is a third-generation coffee farmer. Rudy is one of three daughters working on the family farm in the small village of El Tambillo. All three daughters have been given a hectare of land to farm and care for and we are excited once again to present this lot from Finca El Naranjo.

Rudy has been around the farm her entire life, working closely with her parents and grandparents. Their knowledge and experience have been passed down from generation to generation, giving Rudy a robust foundational knowledge of coffee growing, harvesting and processing.

With every season, Rudy works hard to better each crop. She has been attending courses for five years now, working to improve the processes used at farm level, ensuring they help to produce the highest quality coffee. On this farm, approximately 3,800 coffee trees grow in the shade of orange, banana and guava trees, allowing for slow growth, giving the coffee longer to mature in flavour.



 El Naranjo is fully washed and fermented for 18 hours. In your cup, you can expect sweet notes akin to white chocolate, along with orange (or ‘mandarin orange’) acidity, yellow melon and cinnamon.

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Colombian Speciality Coffee

Based on the North Coast of Ireland. All our coffee has 100% traceability & is ethically sourced from our farms in Colombia.

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