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Carlos Alberto Erazo Lopez is a 25 year veteran in coffee farming, having inherited his farm from his father when he was 23. Coffee farming is more often than not, generational, with knowledge and expertise passed down from one generation to the next. Don Carlos' story is no different, learning from his father throughout his childhood; a tradition he is continuing with his own three children.

In his years of farming, Don Carlos has become renowned in his region for his commitment to great farming practices and processing methods. Don Carlos holds the title as the North Nariño coffee growing union representative, as well winning numerous awards for his crop in contests. We are excited to have purchased two of Don Carlos’ lots this year.


This lot has been naturally processed. The cherries from this lot have an extremely high water content so have been partially dried mechanically followed by an extended period in a drying tunnel beneath the Nariño sun. This process allows the coffees natural sugars to be pushed inwards to the green coffee bean and has resulted in notes of sweet blackberry jam, pineapple, balanced with a grapefruit acidity and soft peach finish. Expect a milk chocolate mouthfeel, with a red wine acidity, a juicy body and a fresh finish.

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