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La Italia

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La Finca La Italia is a three-hectare farm found in La Unión, Nariño. It is owned by the Rey Rasmussen family and contains the varieties Caturra, Castillo and Colombia.

This farm has great shading from a range of different trees. Shading is beneficial for many reasons, such as providing nutrients for the coffee, fewer weeds (therefore less chemical intervention) and protection from the elements.

Five years ago, the Rey Rasmussen family started to work on perfecting the fermentation process. They use double fermentation, which improves the sweetness and complexity of the final drink.


This coffee is hand collected and has undergone double fermentation; 24 hours with the full coffee cherry and a further 24 hours after the coffee has been de-pulped. Floaters (underdeveloped beans) are removed at the first stage before de-pulping. This produces clean and consistent coffees. The coffee is then dried on raised beds in the sun for 15 days. You can expect notes of tangerine, honey, brown sugar and lime.

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