La Esperanza - Typica

La Esperanza - Typica

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James Meléndez has worked on coffee farms all his life. His dream came true when he acquired his own coffee farm called La Esperanza alongside his wife and children. James has dedicated his coffee career working alongside Cooperativa Coomerciacafe, who have given him great technical support and access to different technological equipment.

Jame’s farm is known for the wide varieties of coffee he produces from rare and exotic varieties such as Geisha to Pink Bourbon to more common varieties such as castillo and colombia. Thanks to his training and experience James has always been at the forefront of the latest advances in the science behind coffee farming and applied his knowledge to maintain his coffee harvest in the optimal conditions.

His greatest secret has been his Organic philosophy. He has always believed that modern technology is important but it's equally important to work in a sustainable manner respecting the environment around us. This is why James and his family are dedicated to maintaining the health of the ground and the ecosystem around them using native trees and crops which help to control pests, which helps to almost eradicate the use of toxic pesticides.

With La Esperanza expect a sophisticated cup with notes of juicy cranberry, white grape and sweet clementine with a beautiful caramel sweetness.

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