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Family: Muñoz
Altitude: 1750 masl
Variety: Castillo
Fermentation Time: 66 hours in sacks, 30 hours in tank
Process: Washed - Long Fermentation
SCAA Cupping Score: 86

Farm Information

Second generation coffee farmer Albeiro Solarte Muñoz brings us this beautiful lot from his two hectare coffee farm La Soledad. A true product of family, Alberio’s wife and four children live out the coffee culture every day, working the lands of the farm.

Alberio Solarte’s love for coffee began at a young age as his parents passed on the coffee farming culture to him within the family home. This has fed through to his dedication for coffee production, and has given him the confidence to experiment with new production processes all in the search for continually improving the quality of his coffee.

We are delighted to offer this lot with amazing aromatic aniseed notes, mandarin, sweet brown sugar, and cinnamon. Expect a complex aromatic cup, with bright acidity, medium body, and a sweet aftertaste.

This coffee has undergone extended fermentation time, spending 66 hours fermenting in sacks with the cherry still on, pushing naturally occurring sugars into the green bean and has pathed the way for the complex aniseed and cinnamon notes. Once the cherry has been removed, it has undergone a further 30 hours in a washed fermentation tank which brightens and cleans up the resulting cup to allow for more transparency in flavour.

This coffee has achieved a SCAA score of 86.

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