Los Naranjos

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ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Nariño


VARIETAL: Colombia, Caturra


Tiberio Realpe was born into a family of coffee growers, who taught him as a child the love for the land and respect for work. He grew up among the mountains and the coffee plantations, learning the trade from his parents and grandparents. His dream was to have his own farm, where he could produce excellent coffee.

To achieve this, he worked tirelessly from a young age, saving every peso he earned on other people's farms. When he was 25 years old, he met Nery Reyes, a beautiful and sweet woman, who also came from a coffee-growing family.

Tiberio and Nery bought a farm in the El Chilcal village, in the municipality of La Unión, Nariño. There they began to grow coffee with care and dedication, following the best agricultural and environmental practices. Their coffee stood out for being high quality, renowned for citrus and caramel notes.

His farm, called Los Naranjos, became a benchmark for quality and sustainability. Tiberius had the support of his wife and his children, who helped him in all stages of cultivation. They shared his passion for coffee and his vision for progress.

Tiberio loves the work on the coffee farms and gives the best to his family. He knows that he has fulfilled his dream, but also that he must continue learning and improving. He is a successful coffee farmer, who represents the perseverance and human quality of Colombian farmers.


Los Naranjos is a washed coffee. In this process, the cherry is fully removed from the coffee seed before drying. You can expect rich cherry, red currants with a sweet toffee finish.

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