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The Realpe family have been dedicated to growing and farming coffee for over 25 years, and own multiple farms in the La Union municipality of Nariño. In their village, Vereda El Chilcal, they helped pave the way for producing specialty quality coffee and were some of the first farmers to begin selling their coffee as micro lots.

The family began experimenting with various fermentation techniques in their coffees, and invited many friends and family to join in their learning journey, including the youth of the village. Their position as pioneers of experimental processing in their area has earned them a near full time job of advising and mentoring surrounding farmers in implementing new processes at their farms.


This selected micro lot has been washed and fermented for 80 hours. This extended fermentation allows for sugars in the cherry to develop creating a more complex and layered cup with a pronounced sweetness. In the cup expect bright grapefruit notes, rich caramel, floral honey, and sweet red grapes.

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Colombian Speciality Coffee

Based on the North Coast of Ireland. All our coffee has 100% traceability & is ethically sourced from our farms in Colombia.

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