San Isidro - Pink Bourbon

San Isidro - Pink Bourbon

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ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Consaca, Nariño

ALTITUDE: 1,700-1,800 MASL

VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon

PROCESS: Long fermentation (48hrs)

Located in the Nariño region, right at the foot of the Galeras volcano, this farm has the benefit of sitting in extremely nutrient rich soils. This directly impacts the quality of the coffee being produced at the San Isidro farm.

Don Pedro inherited the farm from his father, and has spent years planting and growing rare and unique coffee varietals such as Geisha, Pink and Yellow Bourbon (alongside more typically found varietals). As a coffee lover, he also enjoys experimenting with new processes of prolonged fermentation, lactic fermentation, honey and natural processing methods.

As a pioneer of coffee farming, Don Pedro has also implemented new sustainable farming techniques. Semi-shade growing through the planting of orange and banana trees, it has created a diverse and sustainable ecosystem.

This coffee is harvested by hand to monitor the coffee cherry quality more closely, mechanically pulped with an extended in tank fermentation time of 48 hours.
Expect notes of juicy peach, floral honey, delicate spices, and bright citrus in a complex, but satisfying cup.

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