Special Edition - Gesha Natural

Special Edition - Gesha Natural

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ORIGIN: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

ALTITUDE: 1420-1700 MASL

TASTING NOTES: Lemon, Lemongrass, Chocolate 

Farmed by two young brothers, La Julia sits in the mountains of Trujillo between 1420-1700 masl, in the Valle del Cauca, surrounded by forests, rivers and sustainable biodiversity.

At the centre of the farm ethos is commitment to sustainable farming with a passion to reinvest in the rural development of Valle del Cauca and its surrounding areas. Continuing generational craft and skills is vitally important to the owners of La Julia to ensure the longevity of coffee farming during a time where young people are moving to cities for office jobs.

La Julia is filled with unique varietals, and this year we are excited to offer two different lots from this farm. This lot is made up of the Geisha varietal. With characteristics of delicate tea like florals, the Geisha varietal is highly sought after.


Harvested and selected by hand, this coffee warrants extra attention to detail. It is then mechanically depulped before going through a two stage fermentation process - 24 hour aerobic fermentation, 120 hours anaerobic fermentation.

Expect a delicate tea like cup with fresh notes of lemon verbena, aromatic lemongrass, and a smooth milk chocolate mouthfeel.

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