Typica - Gesha

Typica - Gesha

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ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Nariño


VARIETAL: Gesha, Typica


Tasting Notes: Floral Honey, Red Berries, Cherry

Having worked on coffee farms all his life, James Meléndeza realised his dreams through acquiring his own farm, la Esperanza. Alongside his wife and children, James is provided with great technical support and access to technological equipment through his partnership with Cooperativa Coomerciacafe.

Recognised for the wide variety of coffees, finca Esperenza produces exotic varieties such as Geisha along with more common varieties like Castillo and Colombia. James is always at the forefront of the latest advances in coffee science due to his training and experience, enabling him to maintain his coffee harvest in the optimal conditions.

James’ secret to success is his Organic philosophy, blending modern technology with sustainability. To achieve this, James’ family are dedicated to maintaining the health of the ground and their surrounding ecosystem, eradicating pesticides by using native trees and crops to control pests. This has inspired neighbouring farms to conduct sustainable coffee practices to produce extremely high quality coffee free from chemical pesticides.

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