Home Brew Course

Make the perfect coffee at home

Introducing our Filter Coffee Course— an invaluable opportunity for those seeking guidance on maximising the potential of their home coffee filtering methods.

Designed to address any uncertainties or hesitations you may have about achieving the optimal flavour from your specialty coffee, this workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of the variables influencing filter coffee preparation.

Throughout the session, you'll gain insights into the nuances of filter coffee preparation, including a sensory introduction to discern the subtleties between various brewing processes. Moreover, we'll delve into the reasons behind why your homemade filter coffee may differ from that of your favourite café.


  • Distinguishing Speciality Coffee from Commercial Coffee.
  • Understanding the journey from green beans to roasted perfection.
  • Key insights into the brewing process, covering essential aspects such as coffee-to-water ratio, grinding, water quality, and other critical variables essential for achieving the perfect cup.


This hands-on segment is the heart of the course. Participants will engage in a guided exploration of three distinct brewing styles: French Press, V60 Pour-over, and Aeropress. Each attendee will have the opportunity to experiment with these methods firsthand, gaining practical experience and confidence in their filter coffee techniques.

Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of your home coffee brewing experience.

What to expect

Insight into Fidelas Story

- The difference between Speciality Coffee and Commercial Coffee
- How green beans are harvested and processed
- Overview of roasting process
- Understanding the principles of brewing. How to get the correct coffee to water ratio, grinding, water quality and other key variables that can impact the perfect cup of coffee.

This course will be hands-on, we will be showcasing three different brewing styles, French Press, the V60 Pourover and the Aeropress, which each person will get to try.


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