El Higueron

El Higueron

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ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Nariño


VARIETAL: Colombia, Caturra

PROCESS: Natural

Tasting Notes: Red Plum, Red Fruits, Blackberry Jam

Growing up on her family’s coffee farm, Lady Moncayo has acquired the knowledge and skills involved in harvesting and processing coffee from a young age. Lady is a shining example to other women in her local area, projecting the ability for women to participate in an industry dominated by men. Dedicating her life to her farm, she has been able to improve her family's quality of life, by providing a stable income.

Overcoming many hurdles, Lady’s perseverance and dedication are evident in the quality of coffee she produces. The secret to her success is in the natural processes the farm uses to generate the exquisite tasting notes in the various coffees. Lady shows real passion for her work, passing this onto her children who help her with planting, looking after and collecting the coffee at harvest. A true inspiration to all those women looking to create something special for themselves and their family’s.

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Based on the North Coast of Ireland. All our coffee has 100% traceability & is ethically sourced from our farms in Colombia.

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