El Rodeo

El Rodeo

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ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Nariño

ALTITUDE: 1500-1900 MASL

VARIETAL: Castillo


Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Blackberry, Salted Caramel

The Rodeo farm is located in a mountainous area at the foot of the Galeras volcano. Its land, which is rich in minerals, enhances the quality of coffee cultivation and production. Don Humberto has been working for many years in the coffee industry, which allowed him to save up and buy his own farm 15 years ago. aLongside his wife and two children, Don Humberto has made coffee cultivation his livelihood.

The area of la Florida in particular is known for its steep mountains and spectacular views which attracts great biodiversity in plants and animals. These lands are perfect for growing coffee, producing acidic and citrusy flavors, which make it a specialty coffee.

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Based on the North Coast of Ireland. All our coffee has 100% traceability & is ethically sourced from our farms in Colombia.

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